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Buffing/ Polishing

From $160

A professional buff/ polish is ideal for customers looking to make their cars shine again or even in some cases, to restore a factory finish to the paint of your car. Great idea for people who are even looking at selling their cars to appeal to possible purchasers. 

Bumper Repairs

From $140

Whether its scuff marks, scratches or even a big dent, we can bring your bumper back to its original condition. Theres no need to go to the trouble of taking your car to the panel shop and pay more. We can do the same repair at your convenience and at a cheaper price.

Panel Repairs

From $220

Rust, faded paint, scratches and dings are all common blemishes on the panels of cars. But dont let them devaluate or affect your pride in your car. With scratch care, we will prove the repairs are cheaper, easier and more convenient than you think. 

Spoilers, Side Skirts and other Miscellaneous features

From $80

At Scratch Care, we don't just repair scratches or bumpers, we can also fix spoilers, side skirts and other external features to your car, just ask. Faded spoilers and scratched side skirts are very common for alot of people but with the help from Scratch Care, you wont be one of them. 

Headlight Restoration

From $40 for a pair of headlights

If your headlights are looking hazey, dull or cloudy, it can affect the brightness of your lights and can therefore be a hazard whilst driving. We can bring these headlights back to its original state and as a result make your car safer as well as improve the look of your car.

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